Thank you so much for this wonderful device! Thank you for your service– I have told everyone about it!



Thank you! You have an incredible product that improves the lives of many people.



Thank you, thank you, thank you — a thousand times thank you! Your unique device was critical to allowing me to “carry on” during the recovery of my broken foot. A life saver indeed!



Dear PLFA,

The left foot pedal is ingenious. I am a sales rep and my livelihood depends on my visiting my customers. I received the Left Foot Pedal via UPS at 11:00 am and I was on the road driving at 11:05 am. No need to screw the unit into my cars floor-boards, just lay it down and go. Every orthopedic doctor in the country should know about PLFA. I of course told my doctor. Thank you very much for this amazing invention. My business thanks you, my family thanks you, and I thank you.


Worchester, MA


I have been using the Left Foot Pedal for over 15 months. I had a major stroke that left my right side numb. This device has given me back my freedom and independence and allows me to bring my kids everywhere. It is so easy and natural to use and I have brought it all over country with me. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it to anyone. THANK YOU

Brian M.



I just want to thank you for giving me back my freedom and independence. I placed my order for the PLFA portable left foot accelerator on a Sunday and received it on Wednesday. My 14 year-old son installed it for me Good Friday morning. All he had to do was take out the floor mat and put the device in. There were no adjustments necessary. I used it for the first time to drive to an out-of-town appointment with my wife sitting in the passenger seat for the first time since October 2013! It really was a “Good Friday” as it worked right out of the box! It is used in a 2008 GMC Sierra and I felt very comfortable with using it immediately. My wife wasn’t apprehensive either. I am a recent amputee who used to drive truck so you can imagine my feeling of loss. I feel like i have gotten my life back– and I think my family feels the same way. Thank you.

Myron B.



Dear PLFA,

I purchased and have been using your left foot accelerator for some time now, and I love it. My right leg was amputated in 2012 and I thought I would have to have someone take me wherever I wanted to go. The doctor told me I could have a left foot accelerator installed in my car, but that meant a permanent device would have to be bolted to the floor of my car. However, that modification would reduce the resale value of my nice Buick, so I searched for an alternative. Thank goodness I found your portable left foot accelerator on line. I now use it to drive every day. It does not move out of place, as I feared it would, but rather stays exactly where I need it to be. And when someone else needs to use the car they simply pick it up and put it in the trunk. I intend this review to be not only an endorsement of your Portable Left Foot Accelerator, but also to thank you for creating this great device.


Marietta, GA


Dear PLFA,

I am a rental customer and have been using the PLFA for the past 6 weeks while recovering from right foot bunion surgery. Your product made it possible for me to have surgery, so thank you! I am a busy mom of two school-aged kids and I work part time (I’m a family doctor). My husband travels a lot for work and is often out of town. Without the PLFA I would have had to wait two years (until my son got his driver’s license!) to get my painful foot fixed, since I just have to be able to drive! The PLFA mad it possible to live most of my life pretty normally these past 6 weeks without being a burden to others. Thanks for this ingenious and easy to use product. After using it for just 1 day I felt comfortable with it and never had problems whatsoever while driving. It was simple to install, well constructed and sturdy. I will recommend it to any of my patients who need to drive with their left feet!

Andrea C.


Dear PLFA,

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. I had a very bad fracture of my right leg and wasn’t able to drive. I found your product on the internet and immediately ordered one. I had a neighbor install it in my car because I was on crutches and couldn’t carry anything. It took him less than 5 minutes to adjust everything and I couldn’t wait to take it for a test drive around my neighborhood. I was very surprised how fast I was able to drive with my left foot! How wonderful it was to be able to drive and get back some of my independence. You have no idea how much this product helped me through my recovery.

I am pleased to say that my leg is fully healed and that I’m walking and driving normally. I can’t

say enough about the PLFA. I would highly recommend your product to anyone.


Timonium, MD


I broke my right ankle in a hiking accident in April and needed surgery to repair it. All told, I was in a cast for about 11 weeks. I am a self-employed consultant. My client is headquartered 30 miles away from my house, and there is no simple way to get to my client through public transportation and there was no car pool option available. So if not for the Left Foot Accelerator I would have been without income for this period of time and could have lost this client’s account. We set up the PLFA in about 10 minutes and I was able to start driving right away. It was very easy to get used to driving left footed. I could drive to and from my client’s site easily. It was a life saver for me. I would have gone crazy if I was isolated at home without being able to drive. I strongly recommend this product. It is safe, sturdy, simple to set up and works as advertised.


Curt M.

Alameda, CA


This has been an absolute miracle for me. I spent 9 weeks in a hard cast on my right foot, and now I am in a walking boot for 6-12 weeks. The PLFA has allowed me to stay independent in driving to work everyday, as well as driving long-distance to Michigan to visit my daughter who is getting married. I was able to go with her to buy her wedding dress, which was a very special time. I could not have been there without the PLFA. Your invention has helped me significantly, as I am sure it has done the same for many other disabled, and handicapped people. I will recommend your business to my doctor to pass along to his patients.


Sandra K.


Received the Portable Left Foot Accelerator tho week. What a well made fantastic product.

Thank you for all your help in sending this product.

Yours Sincerely,




Thanks for a great product. I am 100% satisfied with it,as it gives me the mobility and independence so needed since my wife passed away last year and I am living alone. No trouble getting used to using the left foot for both gas and brake on my Expedition. No problem!



West Melbourne, FL


I thought I would let you know how happy I am with my PLFA. I ordered mine on June 4, 2012 and received it three days later. I have used it in both my cars and am very satisfied with the result. It works so well that I sometimes forget that I have ever used my right foot. I had my lower right leg amputated in March, so this has been a real blessing. I highly recommend this product for anyone that finds themselves unable to use their right leg for driving; also the price to value is outstanding.

Thanks again for a great product.


Powder Springs, GA


Dear PLFA Folks:

This past Tuesday I put my PLFA back in the box and sent it to you. You should have it when you get back from the holiday weekend. The last two months I’ve been transitioning from cast to boot to walking again as I recover from a ruptured right Achilles tendon. Your device was a fantastic help to keeping a normalcy in my life. It took no time at all to adjust to driving left footed and the device worked equally well in my Nissan Altima sedan as it did in my wife’s GMC Yukon. I also hope I’ve helped you reach a few others as so many people, friends and strangers alike, asked how I was driving and were fascinated to see the PLFA. We are such an automobile centric society and your device was a big help keeping my busy job and family life on track while I got through a difficult recovery.

All the best,


Hanover, MA


My sister bought this for me because we have a road rally every year and my car was too beat up to go. With your product I was able to borrow my mom’s car and run the rally. It is wonderful and freeing feeling to know I can drive any automatic. I just wanted to thanks you for making me feel more “normal”. Your product is amazing!!

Bless you and yours!!!

Heather S.


I bought one of your PLFAs several years ago (2006 or 2007). I absolutely love it! It works so well and it’s very easy to move from one vehicle to another. I had Polio as a child, and started using a “lazy leg” when I was learning to drive in high school. When the vehicle manufacturers started reimbursing for modifications (up to $1000.00), I was able to get a “free” LFA installed. But, this meant holes in the floor, and it could not be put into another vehicle (wasteful). So, I was thrilled to find your PLFA online. I love it, love, love it!

Thanks for such a quality product!


Seattle, WA


Emily K.

Dear Friends,

On June 24, 2010, my life as a Detroit Police Officer came to a crashing halt. My partner and I were responding to an armed robbery in progress. As we were getting closer to the scene, a beer distributor truck pulled out in front of us and stopped. We crashed head on into the back of the truck at about 70 mph. The engine block of our Ford Crowns Victoria ended up in my lap. Read more


Mike H.

I received my PLFA today. What a pleasure it was to drive my car for the first time since Dec. 2009. YOU made it possible. Thank you so much. I will spread the news. My physical therapist has already inquired about the device so he can recommend it for some of his other patients… Again, thanks.


Though I regret my losses, I am thankful for all that I have. Life goes on and so shall I. I will look back only to see how far I’ve come and be proud of my progress.


Dear Becky and Mike,

I have used your left foot accelerator for 3 weeks now and I want to express my appreciation to you for developing and selling this device. It works just great. I have had no problems with it at all, I just put it in place and drove away. I broke my right leg 4 weeks ago and I can not put any weight on it for another 8 weeks. Without your device, I would be completely immobilize.


John R.

Pittsford, NY