Portable Left Foot Accelerator
Portable Left Foot Accelerator
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Portable Left Foot Accelerator
  1. Sit the device on floorboard of car.

  2. Place roller in middle of right accelerator.

  3. Check distance on left foot accelerator.
  4. (Be sure it is not too close to brake. If so, use wrench to adjust). Also make sure that you can activate emergency brake freely.

    Before each use:

    Be sure the left foot accelerator is properly adjusted to each individuals fit.

    Inspect device prior to every operation.

    Be sure nothing is obstructing the left foot accelerator. Inspect device prior to every operation.
    Keep floorboard clean of debris such as rocks, dirt, ice, etc.


    Do not sit on top of floor mats. Carpet Only!
    Do not use right accelerator guard as footrest.
    For use with automatic transmissions only.